A facial reconstruction of St Magnus

A facial reconstruction has been made of Orkney’s St Magnus to help mark the 900th anniversary of his death. Forensic artist Hew Morrison’s, a graduate of the University of Dundee, used photographs taken in the 1920s of what is believed to be the skull of the 12th Century Norse earl, after it was discovered in a wooden box in one of the pillars of St Magnus Cathedral.


Mr Morrison has used computer software to create his reconstruction, drawing on what is shown in the vintage photographs to help guide the shape of skull.

He said: “The photographs from 1925 were fortunately of a good quality, but most importantly a scale ruler was photographed alongside these photographs, which allowed me to scale the skull up to life size.

“The missing jaw was re-created using a formula from the fields of anthropology and orthodontics.

“For this part of the reconstruction, I worked alongside my friend Keli Rae who is also a forensic artist and had previously used this method for replacing missing jaws prior to reconstructions.”



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