St Magnus Way Launches With New Website

The website for the St Magnus Way has launched, in advance of the opening of the pilgrimage route on Sunday 16th at 2pm at Gurness. Like the walk itself, the site aims to be a restful place of exploration, combining stunning imagery of the pilgrimage route with information about walking the route and resources to download.

The site has been designed by NB Communications, the team behind and, in conjunction with Orkney Pilgrimage and features interactive maps of the route as well as downloadable maps by Iain Ashman. It is designed to grow throughout the year as sections are launched and further resources are added. Funding has come from Orkney Islands LEADER programme 2014-2020, and the Church of Scotland, with the beacons themselves paid for by the community councils along the route.

“We’re really excited with the new website” said David McNeish, Chair of Orkney Pilgrimage, “We hope it helps encourage people near and far to come and walk the St Magnus Way. It’s been a real challenge to deliver this in time for the 900th anniversary but all the hard work is worth it when you see it come together. The website also offers people who won’t be able to access the pilgrimage route the chance to get a flavour of what is there and explore the stories and meaning of Magnus’s martyrdom. We’re looking forward to people exploring the website as well as the route and finding both to be places of meaningul connection.”

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