The Orkney Boat prepares for departure

Artist Beatrice Searle returns to Orkney this week to continue her journey with The Orkney Boat. Beatrice joined walkers on the first stage of the St Magnus way in April and will do the same on Saturday 27 May, walking from Birsay to Dounby. A special Folk Festival concert including newly commissioned music by local artist James Watson will take place at St Magnus Church Birsay before walkers take to the second stage of the walk.

Whilst in Orkney, Beatrice will be running workshops with primary schools who are currently conducting projects on the theme of St Magnus, as well as making final preparations for her journey to Norway. There she will be welcomed in Bergen and Olso before walking over 450 miles with the stone to Trondheim. Beatrice will join the Shetland Based training boat SWAN to Norway when it leaves Orkney after its current visit and she hopes to return to Orkney in the Autumn after completing the journey.

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To find out more about the St Magnus Way and forthcoming events visit

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